Window Defroster and Grid Line Repair Kit

Window Defroster and Grid Line Repair Kit

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The Window Defroster Grid Repair kit is an epoxy adhesive and coating formulation in accordance with pure silver. This versatile silver formulation offers the maximum continuity of conductivity with an electrical resistivity value of not up to 1×10-4 Defroster/Window Grid Repair kit could also be characterized by a wide operating temperature range from —50 to +170°C.This Defroster/Window Grid Repair kit is beneficial for grid repair, electronic bonding, or sealing applications that require both fine electrical and mechanical properties. It can Substrates also aluminum, copper, magnesium, steel, bronze, nickel, kovar, ceramic, glass, phenolic and G-10 epoxy glass boards.Put the measuring lead (Red) and the reference (Black) of the Multimeter at the damaged grid line at both ends, right where the grid connects with the wide bus bars. Move one probe–it isn’t important which–to the center of the line. Should you now read 6 volts, the scratch isn’t in between the two probes. Should you read the same system voltage, 12 volts or so, the break is in between the old probe location and the new one. Just move the probes until you find the location that has full system voltage spanning it. Now it is time to turn off the de¬froster grid and the ignition switch.The tabs situated along the sides of the defroster connect the defroster electrically to the vehicles defrost circuit. One tab is the positive and the other ground. If a tab comes off the defroster this will mean total instantaneous failure of the defroster.

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